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CDex 1.51 - spolszczenie


» Nazwa CDex 1.51 - spolszczenie
» Rozmiar 0 kB
» Licencja Freeware
» System Windows: 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7
» Producent
» Pobrań 612


Spolszczenie do programu CDex.
Wymagana jest pełna wersja angielska programu wcześniej zainstalowana.

Q1wcxCSgN | 1 grudzień 2015, 04:03

After that copying, the big mp3 file is shdreded by multiple headers from input mp3s. To fix the stream and write correct time for it you need use Foobar2000 (simply and great mp3 player). For CBR mp3s Right click on big mp3 file than choose Utils and next Rebuild MP3 Stream . For VBR mp3s use Utils -> Fix MP3 VBR header . And for mixed input mp3s use both methods Enjoy. http://dinawyjsuyj.com [url=http://ybkspd.com]ybkspd[/url] [link=http://nzkpsx.com]nzkpsx[/lin k]

ajiXNHET | 28 listopad 2015, 10:54

If you have multiple files then you would need to use<a href="http://prbsujk.com&quo t;> anpped</a>, right? Otherwise each file would write over the target file. Try this instead:$ cat *.mp3 >>big.mp3Those of you who are looking to get this done for free could try a Linux test drive CD, they can access a Windows drive and let you do Linux commands like this on them (using an Xterm console).> Nice!> I do it using cat:> $ cat *.mp3 >big.mp3

N30OXN65d | 26 listopad 2015, 22:25

Glad to find this info. I needed to merge a bunch of MP3s to acmocpany a freeware slideshow app which will play a single MP3 while the slides rotate.Couple of things to note:- you can easily edit the ID3/ID2 tags using a free player like Winamp- I needed to add a break between each track, so I created an MP3 of 2 seconds of silence using Audacity. Put this between each track (and at the start or end if you plan to loop the audio) to create some breathing room.Thanks again http://njjxnkyv.com [url=http://gpzxojmtyaj.com]gpzxojm tyaj[/url] [link=http://bbrzjw.com]bbrzjw[/lin k]

eTEc666W | 26 listopad 2015, 16:48

WINDOWS 7: Followed the above. Couldn't have been easier. Recap:In <a href="http://tqedfikvah.com& quot;>wionwds</a> explorer create a new directory inside the c> directory. Let's call it test . Put the files you want to merge into that directoryHit Start, type cmd in the box to get to dos prompt. If you find you're in a dos subdirectory, such as c> <a href="http://tqedfikvah.com& quot;>wionwds</a> then type two dots (..) and hit return to get you to c>Then type cd_test (use a space instead of the underscore)now it looks like this: c>test>Here's the syntaxc>copy_B/_*.*_NEWFILENAME. mp3 (make sure you put spaces where I have used underscores) (hit enter)You're done. Dos has created a new file with an mp3 extension. I just combined 120 files in ten directories. All was copasetic. I am pretty sure it puts the files together in alphanumeric order.Win7 DOS will probably allow you to create a batch file. At the prompt type edit_merge.bat (hit enter) You will be shown a screen. Input the above copy command and save it. Next time you won't have to retype the command every time, you just go to test> and type merge (and hit enter ). Of course you can name the bat file anything you want.Keep in mind, you will have to remove the merged file from that directory before you use the bat file again, because it will overwrite the one you created previously.

ErWEHwpIZG2 | 25 listopad 2015, 12:12

Don't forget Foobar2000. Great all-around audio app. I often use if for senttig track and album gain tags, as well as all sorts of format conversions.

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